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Darryl Tracy (March 29)

A Toronto-based independent dance artist, choreographer, and teacher of contemporary dance, Darryl has studied with many teachers across Canada and in the United States, most notably Heidi Bunting, Patricia Miner, Edie Shaw, and Brian Webb. He has appeared in works by many choreographers including Darcey Callison, Marie-Josée Chartier and Linda C. Smith, Michael DuMaresq, Jenn Goodwin, Patti Powell, Michelle Silagy, Holly Small, Heidi Strauss, Michael Trent and Gerry Trentham, among many others. Along with Strauss, he is co-Artistic Director of Four Chambers dance projects, and they have commissioned work by Conrad Alexandrowicz, Guillaume Bernardi, Marie-Josée Chartier, Sarah Chase, Yvonne Coutts, Lesandra Dodson, Déjà Donné, Sylvain Émard and Julia Sasso. In 2005 they received a Dora Mavor Moore nomination for their performance in the Italian-based company Déjà Donné’s piece Rustling Shadows.

Tracy has choreographed over 25 works for performing arts high schools, and for companies in Toronto, Montreal, New Brunswick, and the United  States. He is on the faculty of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and is a regular teacher at the 509 Collective, Canadian Children's Dance Theatre, and Dance-Teq. He has also taught master classes across Canada, the United States and Europe.Tracy sits on the Board of Directors of CCDT and on the Artists’ Committee of the Artists’ Health Centre. He is also a part-time private physiotherapist for Physio-Logic Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic, and a dancer with Montreal-based Sylvain Émard danse.

Sylvain Brochu (March 31)

Sylvain Brochu is widely recognized as a compelling performer and inspiring teacher. Over the last 30 years he has worked with more than 40 choreographers; as a soloist, he has a repertoire of uncommon eclecticism.
Contemporary dance is inspired by methods found in ballet as well as modern and postmodern dance principles. It also draws from other philosophies of movement that are outside of the realm of classical dance technique.
Sylvain Brochu's dynamic teaching technique is influenced by his extensive background as a performer. He believes that the art of performance is the art of 'being there' and that timing is one of the performer's greatest assets.Informed by these wide-ranging experiences, as well as through his yoga and shiatsu practices, Sylvain's dance classes are infused with deep body knowledge; humour, musicality, imagery, transition and connections are at the core of his inspired approach. Sylvain has taught students from age 10 to 65 within recreational, university and professional training settings. 

Working Class Schedule March/April 2011

Mon 28 + Wed 30:
 Darryl Tracy (Toronto) | Fri. 01: Shauna Elton

Mon 04, Wed 06 + Fri 08: Farley Johansson
Mon 11, Wed 13 + Fri 15: Martin Inthamoussu (Uruguay)
Mon 18: Justine A. Chambers | Wed 20: Day Helesic | Fri 22: NO CLASS
Mon 25 + Wed 27: Sylvain Brochu

Working Class is held at The Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St. (at Granville)
9:30am-11:00am, $12 drop in, $100 for 10 class card.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Working Class Schedule for March 2011
 Mon 28, Wed 02 + Fri 04: Helen Walkley
 Mon 07, Wed 09 + Fri 11: Rob Kitsos
 Mon 14 + Wed 16: Justine A. Chambers | Fri. 18: Deanna Peters
 Mon 21: Shauna Elton | Wed 23: NO CLASS | Fri 25: Shauna Elton
 Mon 28 + Wed 30: Darryl Tracy (Toronto) | Fri. 01: Shauna Elton

Working Class is held at The Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St. (at Granville)
9:30am-11:00am, $12 drop in, $100 for 10 class card.


Friday, January 21, 2011



Gail Lotenberg is a choreographer and dancer, and the founding Artistic Director of LINK Dance Foundation. Originally from New York, Gail now lives on Bowen Island, beside Vancouver BC, after 15 years residence in Whitehorse, Yukon. She has made an impact on the practice of contemporary dance in both regions. As a dancer, Gail has performed in works by Karole Armitage, Lee Eisler, Sylvain Brochu, Sylvain Emard, Suzanne Millar, as well as dancing in her own pieces since 1995. Her choreography has been presented in New York City, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and throughout Yukon and Alaska.

SHAY KUEBLER (Feb 8, Feb 10)

With a knowledge of many artistic forms, Shay Kuebler has performed across the world, from contemporary dance in Brazil, to tapping and hoofing in Lebanon. Since moving to Vancouver in 2003, Shay's background in Tap, Hip hop, Capoeira and Contemporary dance has led him to perform for Naughty By Nature, Neil Young, Samsung, Science Friction, MmHop with Martha Carter, Battery Opera, Mascall Dance, Noam Gagnon, Animals of Distinction directed by Dana Gingras, the response., MovEnt and MachineNoisy. Shay has been a soloist for the Rythmatix where he tap danced with the Edmonton and Vancouver Symphony Orchestras as well as a choreographer/soloist for Ruckus Company, directed by Brock Jellison. His choreography has seen him create for 25th anniversary West Beach Fashion show, the 2010 Canada Dance Festival, International Dance Day in Vancouver, Dancing on the Edge Festival, "Romp" Festival in Victoria, International Dance Festival of Brazil, New Works' "Arts on the Street Festival" for BC Day, BC Scene at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and for Toronto Music Week. He was the recipient of the 2008 Holy Body Tattoo emerging artist award and, as a winner of the Les Grands Ballet Canadiens Choreographic Competition, he had the honor to choreograph an original work on the company under the direction of Gradimir Pankov. He recently returned from Salvador, Brazil, where he exclusively trained in the Angola and Regional forms of Capoeira. Continuing this growth to his artistic and creative capacity, February 2011 will mark his travels to Tokyo, Japan, to study in dance, music, theatre and martial arts. Shay is currently co-artistic director of the Vancouver based 605 collective that toured the Made in BC network in the fall of 2010 and will be touring the Maritimes and Quebec this spring.

Mon  Jan 31 / Wed Feb 02 / Fri Feb 04 - Day Helesic
Mon Feb 07 / Wed Feb 09 / Fri Feb 11 - Karissa Barry
Mon Feb 14 - Helen Walkley / Wed Feb 16 / Fri Feb 18 - Lara Barclay
Mon  Feb 21 / Wed Feb 23 - Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
Fri Feb 25 - Deanna Peters

Working Class is held at The Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St. (at Granville)
9:30am-11:00am, $12 drop in, $100 for 10 class card.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Susie Burpee - January 25

Canadian contemporary dance artist Susie Burpee is based in Toronto, where she works as a performer, choreographer, and teacher. She trained at the Professional Program of Contemporary Dancers (BA Hons.), augmented her studies at the Limon and Cunningham Schools in New York, and has studied intensively with master teachers Peter Boneham and Dianne Miller.

Known for her strong physical presence and emotional performances, Ms. Burpee has made her mark in Canadian performing arts as a company dancer with the critically acclaimed Ruth Cansfield Dance, Le Groupe Dance Lab, and Dancemakers. As an independent artist, she continues to work closely with innovative choreographers Serge Bennathan, Sasha Ivanochko, Lesandra Dodson, and Tedd Robinson.

As a creator, Ms.Burpee creates works that showcase ‘fully human characters, struggling for connection’ (William Littler, The Toronto Star). She was awarded Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Outstanding Performance and Outstanding New Choreography and in 2006, she received the K.M. Hunter Artists Award for Dance. Recent works include a 2009 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Commission for 24 dancers, and a new collaborative work with dance artist Linnea Swan. In 2010, her work will be featured at DanceWorks Mainstage (Toronto) and The Canada Dance Festival (Ottawa).

Ms. Burpee teaches technique classes and workshops for professional dancers and students across Canada. For the past two years, she has worked with emerging artists at Tedd Robinson’s Summer Intensive, teaching class and mentoring artistic development.

Marie Claire Forte - January 27

Marie Claire is a Montréal-based dance artist; her artistic practice currently questions relationships, duration and space. She dances as an independent artist for Louise Bédard and Ame Henderson. As a company member of the now defunct Le Groupe Dance Lab in Ottawa from 2004 to 2008, she danced for over twenty choreographers from Canada and abroad and trained under Peter Boneham. She has presented her own work in Montréal, Ottawa and St. John’s, and is currently working on the video series and performance Moving Towards with Alanna Kraaijeveld. She also translates and writes, namely for The Dance Current.


Wed 05 / Fri 07 - Gail Lotenberg
Mon 10 / Wed 12 / Fri 14 - Serge Bennathan
Mon 17 / Wed 19 / Fri 21 - Chutzpah! classes w/ Oded Graf
Mon 24 / Wed 26 / Fri 28 - Chutzpah! classes w/ Yossi Berg

Working Class is held at The Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St. (at Granville)
9:30am-11:00am, $12 drop in, $100 for 10 class card.

Sunday, November 21, 2010



Mon 29 / Wed 01 / Fri 03 - Tiffany Tregarthen (Out Innerspace Dance Theatre)
Mon 06 / Wed 08 / Fri 10 - Serge Bennathan (Les Productions Figlio)
Mon 13 / Wed 15 / Fri 17 - Megan Walker Straight

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The 605 Collective (Classes Nov 23 & 25)
The 605 Collective, co-directed by Lisa Gelley, Shay Kuebler and Josh Martin is an interdisciplinary group of Vancouver-based dance artists committed to the creation and performance of new work inspired by both urban and contemporary dance. The freedom found in this cohesion, along with the merging of their distinct movement and perspectives, has awakened an exciting, fresh, and unpredictable aesthetic to capture new audiences. 605 has emerged with a clear direction and strong vision to offer a highly athletic art form, with extreme physicality derived from the human experience. Their work continues to test and challenge the full capacity of the dancers while acknowledging their unique qualities as both performers and as personalities. In various combinations, this cooperative team is exploring new paths and creative methods to build performance experiences that are powerful, visually stirring, and ultimately engaging. With the group’s extreme versatility, the artists experiment and create by using one another as the canvas for their ideas and visions. Through a constant collaboration, pulling from their diverse movement vocabularies, the collective members continue pushing past their individual limitations towards new possibilities. As part of a new generation of creators, The 605 Collective aims to become a company known for its movement innovation and physically demanding works, valuing collaboration as an essential tool for new directions in dance.

The 605 Collective - Class Description
Warm up will include stretch, upper body strengthening, awakening the feet, arms, spine, and rib cage. Through a series of exercises in the centre and across the floor, we will acknowledge the weight of the body, both resting and moving through space, and find the natural or instinctual pathways and momentum that this weight creates. This class will include examples of 605's movement vocabulary, combining techniques and styles found in both contemporary and hip-hop dance. Participants will be exploring the body's relationship with the floor, finding efficiency into and out of the floor, articulations and isolations of body parts at various levels, and discovering effective and safe ways to carry out large, athletic movements while maintaining raw and powerful execution. Bring your kneepads and enthusiasm.

M Nov 1, W Nov 3  Susan Elliott
M Nov 8, W Nov 10  Deanna Peters
F Nov 12  Justine Chambers
M Nov 15, W Nov 17, F Nov 19  Helen Walkley
M Nov 22, W Nov 24, F Nov 26  The 605 Collective

9:30-11:00am @ The Dance Centre (677 Davie St, @ Granville)

$12 drop in, $100 for 10 class card

Thursday, September 30, 2010

CTS October Schedule!

Working Class October Schedule:
Mon 04  Justine Chambers / Wed 06 & Fri 08 Karissa Barry
Wed 13 Deanna Peters / Fri 15 Justine Chambers
Mon 18, Wed 20 & Fri 22 Shauna Elton
Mon 25, Wed 27 & Fri 29 Rob Kitsos 
Classes run 9:30-11am at The Dance Centre; 677 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC.
Drop-ins are $12 or $100 for a ten class card.

For more information please visit

Monday, August 16, 2010



The Training Society of Vancouver would like to announce Working Class, an initiative supported by The Dance Centre to provide consistent contemporary dance training to professional and aspiring dance artists.

Beginning September 07, 2010, Working Class operates until June 2011. Classes run 9:30-11am at The Dance Centre; 677 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC.

Drop-ins are $12 or $100 for a ten class card. By purchasing a Working Class card on or before Sept. 07, you will be entered into a draw to get back your $100 and receive your first ten classes for free!


Tues 07 / Fri 10 - David Raymond (Out Innerspace Dance Theatre)
Mon 13 / Wed 15 / Fri 17 - Michael Caldwell (from Toronto)
Mon 20 / Thur 23 / Fri 24 - James Gnam (the plastic orchid factory)
Mon 27 / Wed 29 / Fri 01 - Alvin Tolentino (Co. ERASGA)
For more information please visit

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Contemporary Technique Series
at The Dance Centre!
July 5-23, 2010

Join us for daily class, five days a week at The Dance Centre!
The Summer Contemporary Technique Series is presented in partnership with Ballet BC.
See schedule below....

JULY 9TH CLASS: TYLER GLEDHILL Tyler Gledhill was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He trained at The National Ballet School in Toronto, Het National Balletacademie in Amsterdam, and The Pacific Northwest Ballet School in Seattle. While in school he was awarded the Peter Dwyer Scholarship for the Performing Arts and the Lawrence Hasket Memorial Award. He began his career in The Netherlands with Intordans, touring throughout Europe and Asia. Next he danced with The Göteborg Ballet and Cullberg Ballet in Sweden. Tyler has danced in works by choreographers such as Jirí Kylián, Nacho Duato, William Forsythe, Tero Saarinen, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Mats Ek and Birgit Cullberg, and created roles in works by Jo Kanamori, Nicolo Fonte, Javier de Frutos, Regina van Berkel, Patrick Delcroix, and Karole Armitage. In Toronto as an independent artist, Tyler works with Hit & Run Productions, Opera Atelier, Pro Arte Danza and DA Hoskins.

JULY 16TH CLASS: MARTIN INTHAMOUSSU is a dancer and choreographer from Uruguay. He studied at the National Ballet School and Montevideo Ballet Studio in Uruguay and as a guest student at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in The Netherlands. He has studied with teachers such as Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano, Deborah Hay, Iñaki Azpillaga, Mathilde Monnier, Alito Alessi, Nita Little, Wendy Houstoun, Mark Tompkins, Nigel Charnock, Juan Kruz Díaz and Benoit Lachambre among others. As a choreographer he has got prizes and scholarships in his home country and abroad. He has been awarded the danceWEB Europe scholarship twice in Vienna and the siwic programme in Zürich. . He has been awarded the prize as Best Director 2005 in Uruguay. He has been artist in residence in Djerassi Arts Centre in San Francisco (USA) and in Theater im Ballsaal (Germany). He has been selected for DANCEOMI in New York (2010). He has performed in Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Uruguay, USA, Canada and the UK. He has choreographed for the National Ballet in Uruguay, Agente Libre in Venezuela and Cia Nómada in Tenerife.
As a teacher he has worked in universities in Venezuela, Mexico Spain and Germany as well as in private institutes in Latin America and Europe.He has published articles on dance theory in Uruguay, Venezuela and Spain. He has been invited as dramaturgy advisor for the Ballet at the Opera House in Bonn.
Currently he is artistic director of Montevideo Sitiada, a dance festival in Montevideo and works as a freelance choreographer and performer with different companies in Europe and South America. He is part of the Performance Studies at the University of Manchester, UK.